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Words of Hope & Healing...


Dear CED,

Hi. Today is December 3. This is our family's day of thanksgiving because 3 years ago today, R. was admitted to The Center for Eating Disorders and began her recovery journey. At the time, it seemed like the bleakest day of the year. I remember it all very clearly. We have decided to celebrate that difficult day because it was the beginning of her healing.

Today I also received a call from a friend of my family overseas who was looking for resources for her 16 year old daughter who has been struggling with an eating disorder for 5 years. Where they live, there are no in-patient facilities to treat people with eating disorders. They have been piecing together treatment for 5 years and are now concerned about their daughter's life.

All this is to say that I am incredibly grateful for everything you and everyone else at CED has invested in R's recovery. You have taught us all so much about her disease and about her. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I know that she would not be where she is today without your care and expertise. You have empowered her family to be her support. You have empowered her to own her recovery. I don't think it is too dramatic to say that we owe her life to all of the pros at CED who have helped her every step of the way. 

With incredible gratitude and appreciation,
Mrs. M. (Mom)

December 2017

"I am so grateful for the Center for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt. I have been a patient for a long time and I have done their inpatient and PHP, IOP, and outpatient program. I really like that they follow you through each step of recovery, never turning someone down because they don’t meet certain criteria. They have an amazing hospital program but they also have a great outpatient program where they follow you long term, where the real work begins. The program can be tough sometimes but what they do is challenge your eating disorder. They are so great with eating disorders but since they are located at one of the best psychiatric hospitals means they are also great with other problems you may have like trauma or mood disorders. Their staff truly cares and I see my therapist 2x per week which is great because that is what I need. They also have a variety of outpatient support groups. I truly feel like Dr. Brandt and Dr. Crawford lead a great team of amazing, experienced professionals who are their to help through all stages of problems. They also don’t scold you if you are struggling and may need inpatient or PHP again. I really wouldn’t go anywhere else for my eating disorder and mental health treatment. CED- keep doing what you do!! By the way - the pavillion is state of the art and a super nice facility!!"  (November 2017, Facebook Review)

"I’m so thankful for the time I had in treatment here. I’m not sure if I would still be alive if it was not for the high quality treatment I received here. I just want to thank the staff and doctors for not giving up on me. I also am thankful for the friends I have made." (November 2017, Facebook Review)

 “[I had] the best family therapist I have ever had. Not only did he provide family support but also individual support. He is very dedicated to his patients, and he is honest with them and does whatever he can to help them succeed.” ~ Adult Inpatient (April 2015)


“[My family therapist] was great, she made me feel safe and encouraged me to express my feelings and needs. She validated my feelings and concerns, and stood up for me when I was struggling. She really helped me to open up with my family by being so encouraging, supportive, and creating a safe environment.” ~ Adult Partial Hospital Patient (April 2015)


"I wasn't really sure going into this how involved we were able to be, [Our daughter] had a psych stay at another facility and was not impressed at all. Here at Sheppard Pratt they really included the whole family and incorporated us in everything." ~ Parent of Adolescent Inpatient (March 2015)


"The nursing staff and the support is tremendous."
"I liked the idea of a team even before stepping into the doors. While I didn't feel like I needed to be here at first, I am really glad that I stayed because I learned a lot about myself and formed supportive relationships."
"The staff and treatment team were absolutely wonderful here. I felt that I was communicated with clearly, most of the time politely, and treated like an individual whose treatment mattered."
"Goodness, so much was done right! the standard weekday staff is the BEST. Kind, caring, genuine; I don't think I've shown as much patience with a child as they do for us. There is a true understanding that the med professionals want to see everyone recover."
"Everything has been so helpful, my team especially. Also, the Charge Nurses, I felt extremely comfortable going to in any instance where i needed anything."
"Great staff, effective team treatment, good groups."
"The overall care was excellent and I felt listened to and validated as a person."
"Very caring environment, great therapists"

~ All comments and feedback from Inpatient Adults (February 2015)


The family meal was so helpful in learning about how to eat together as a family.  The food was beautifully prepared and served.  [The] dietitians do an outstanding job delivering incredible choices and food to all the patients. ~ Parent of a patient (October 2014)

Erin, Dani, the art therapist, Liz and all staff members of IOP were outstanding and provided high quality care.

"I looked forward to the family dinners and family group.  I especially liked the sessions where topics were discussed such as dealing with holidays, body image, grocery shopping, and helpful suggestions were offered by IOP patients and staff members." ~ Parent of adult patient, IOP (November 2014)

"Much to my surprise and my daughter's, art therapy was a great source of stress relief for her. And the art therapist was a good listener.  My daughter now uses some of the art techniques at home for stress relief.  She especially liked beading, making friendship bracelets, and mandalas." ~ Parent of Older Adolescent Patient (November 2014)


"I'm extremely glad I decided to go through with the program. I needed the help." ~ Adult Patient (October 2014)


"Sheppard Pratt has helped me very much." ~ Adult IOP Patient


"IOP is a very unique point of treatment. For me it was the first time I had been in a higher level of care, so being asked to block all symptoms while maintaining my life was extremely hard most days but that is what I want. A life without my eating disorder. Its hard work, but its important." ~ Adult Patient, IOP (October 2014)

"This was the best experience with a psychiatrist I've ever had. I felt supported, challenged and overall helped to be healthier." ~ Adult Patient (October 2014)

"I just want to thank the whole team for helping me at a very hard time in  my life. You taught me a lot." ~Adult Patient (October 2014)


"[My Dietitian] was truly wonderful to work with. She challenged me but was understanding of my fears and downfalls. She was willing to work with me one-on-one and encourage me me in other parts of my life to show me that my eating disorder is not all of me. I am so grateful to have gotten to work with her." ~ Adult inpatient, September 2014

"Art therapy helps me realize things about my ED that I would never have even known without being able to do art about it. Seriously, life changing." ~ Adult Patient (September 2014)


"This is our daughter's sixth hospitalization in less than two years, and by far The Center for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt has the most helpful and all-encompassing program for patients AND their families." ~ Mother of adolescent patient, (August 2014)


"My daughter went through your program 5 years ago and I can't imagine that she'd be as happy now if not for your staff's devotion.  Thank You!" ~ Parent/Event Attendee (March 2014)


"It's been a little over a year since I first stepped foot in CED. I'll never forget that moment on my first day. I felt so scared and alone :( But the nurses at SP were so nice and really made me feel at ease. I feel like they never got the proper recognition they deserved. So on behalf of myself and family I want to say thank you to ALL of you! After being in SP in-patient and both PHP and IOP I feel like I have really grown as a person. I've learned so much and I have you to thank.  And not just the nurses but all the therapists and doctors, thank you for helping me get on the right track. The 4 months I spent at SP and the many people I met along the way is something I will cherish in my heart forever. God Bless!" ~ L.S., CED patient, (Septemeber 2013)


“Our family is a big fan of the Center for Eating Disorders. You saved our daughter's life and taught our family how to be better support people...I want to praise you for offering the Collaborative Care workshops that Dr. Moran presented.  I hope you're still offering them.  My husband and I attended last year even though [our daughter] had been out of hospital treatment for a while.  The workshops really helped me and my anxiety--specifically my fear of relapse.  I'm also less of a helicopter and kangaroo parent now (or at least I notice if I'm leaning toward that behavior). Thanks for all that you do.” ~ W.P., Collaborative Care member and Parent (August 2013)



"It's officially been one year since I've checked into CED at Shepherd Pratt. I checked in February 15th, 2011 and currently have never been healthier. I am so grateful to have gone. I thank all of you guys very much if there is anyway you guys can tell each and every doctor and nurse thank you for me I would greatly Appreciate it. It's still a struggle sometimes but the days that I am grateful to be alive from such a terrible disease make each of the days of struggle worth it. Thank you!" ~ Former CED patient (February 2012)


"It is almost the new year, and with that, I wish to thank my individual therapist and dietitian for their help and guidance. It has been a long while since I was a patient of the CED, but DBT has stood me in very good stead. And, I am choosing foods that nourish me, more and more, and I am always vigilant for the things that nourish my spirit and soul. --Never give up on yourself. Eating disorder recovery may come very slowly. Incrementally slowly. My gratitude is deep and the hope with which I begin 2013 is after many years of struggle. That is okay, it really is, for All of Life is a series of lessons to be learned. Blessings, blessings. And, thank you, All, from my grateful heart." ~ LRK, former CED patient (December 2012)


"Tomorrow it will be 2 years from when Sheppard Pratt saved my life.  Thank you to the staff, physicians and nurses for your care." ~ D.M., former CED patient


"Thinking about yesterday's support group and I am feeling inspired. I may not love my body (yet) but it CAN do a lot. I had an excellent time doing gymnastics today. Before my second tumbling pass I said to myself "This is what my body can do. This is what these legs can do" I smiled and I went for it. I may not like the way they look but they are strong and they are capable. And I appreciate that." ~ CED patient and support group member


"My son was at your facility and I thank you for all you did for him. Males don't think that they can have this disorder and I commend you for helping him in every way you could." ~ C.K., mother of former patient


"It has been three or four years since leaving CEDSP, and several other stays at other places, and I now have the pleasure of saying I am flourishing at life, enjoying each day to the fullest in spite of minor struggles, and am working full-time as a peer support counselor. Readiness for change says a lot, motivation takes you far, and working fully on goals in set in place makes recovery happen. I am not asking anyone to walk through any treatment center's doors, fear in tow, and have great expectations that center will fix you, but what I do ask is that you use the hope others have for you to recover and become the person you are fully meant to be free of the ED until you have that hope inside your heart, then can use it for you in the outside world." ~ O.G., former patient


"Tonight's group was really helpful and enlightening! I'm very motivated and stuck on that "hope" word at the moment. Thank you!" ~ J.G., patient and support group member


"I want to tell others who suffer, that the CED has wonderful clinicians. ....Clinicians who will stay by your side. For these illnesses are pernicious. Just don't give up; please don't give up. A very public thank you to my therapist, who today, worked with me in session so that I could, once again, gather my courage. Courage to heal. Courage to live. Courage to Be Me." ~ CED patient


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