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For Treatment Providers: How to make a referral to The Center for Eating Disorders

The Referral Process

If you have a patient or student that you are referring for treatment, please review the following recommendations:

  • Talk with the individual or family to discuss the referral.  Obtain a signed Release of Information when necessary.
  • Call our Admissions Coordinators at (410) 938-5252 anytime during business hours, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm
  • Be prepared to provide clinical information to support the referral, including relevant diagnoses, prevalence of symptoms, weight history, health concerns or abnormal lab results, and any other pertinent information  
  • Please provide insurance and demographic information (when available).  This information can also be faxed to (410) 938-5250 after the initial contact has been made with the coordinators.

After the referral has been made, the patient must call (410) 938-5252 to complete the initial phone evaluation.  In the case of a child or adolescent, the parent/guardian must make the call.  The phone evaluation allows us to assess the current severity of eating disorder symptoms and the needs of the individual patient.
At this time, insurance and demographic information will be collected – if not already received from the referring provider.  Initial recommendations for treatment will be discussed and an appointment will be arranged for a formal evaluation and admission into the appropriate level of care.   

Who can make a referral for treatment?

  • Primary care providers & Pediatricians
  • OB-GYNs
  • Therapists
  • Dentists
  • School Counselors  
  • Campus/University Counselors

Important Considerations

Formal referrals from providers are a helpful part of the admissions process but are not required.  Individuals (18 +) or Parents/Legal Gaurdians (if under 18) can initiate treatment without a referral from a current provider.

Please note that our program is a voluntary program.  We cannot force adult (18+) patients to enter treatment if they are not willing to do so – even if treatment is being required/mandated by an employer or school.

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