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“Love Your Tree” at ARTSCAPE: July 16-18, 2010

The Center for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt will host an interactive art exhibit within the Target Family Art Park at Artscape, the largest free arts festival in the country.   This upcoming exhibit at Artscape is part of The Center’s community outreach efforts to prevent eating disorders and promote a positive self image.  Children and families are invited to write positive messages about their bodies on a leaf, in response to the phrase, “Like a tree my body is…”  The empowering messages inscribed on the leaves will be hung on the branches of a 7-foot tall tree sculpture which blends elements of both female and male shapes, as a metaphor for the human body.  Below are some of the very inspiring messages that have been hung on the tree by Artscape attendees in previous years:

“Like a tree, my body…holds a powerful spirit.”

“Like a tree, my body…has roots…my family, my spirit and the love I receive.”

“Like a tree, my body… is changing, like a deciduous tree, beautiful in all seasons.”

The interactive Love Your Tree exhibit is part of The Center for Eating Disorders’ larger body image campaign, based on Eve Ensler’s play, “The Good Body” which sends a message to women to stop hating their bodies and encourages everyone to challenge society’s narrow definition of beauty.  The central theme, “Love Your Body, Love Your Tree” encourages self awareness and self care as well as an appreciation for the diversity of beauty.

The Love Your Tree exhibit at Artscape will officially kick-off this year’s Call for Posters which invites middle school, high school and college students from across Maryland to create and submit original posters that illustrate their responses to the phrase, “Like a tree, my body is…”.  This campaign provides students with an opportunity to use art as an avenue for learning about and expressing messages of body appreciation. Poster entries must be no smaller than 9″x12″ and no larger than 12″x18″.  Only two-dimensional media will be accepted.

Visit our online gallery of student artwork from last year’s Love Your Tree poster campaign.

To get involved with the Love Your Tree program stop by our booth at Artscape on July 16, 17, and 18 from 12:00 – 8:00 pm or contact Kate Clemmer at

Find out more about Artscape by visiting the official Artscape website.

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