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What is Reality?


A plethora of news stories developed overnight, placing “Real Housewife”  TV Star, Bethenny Frankel in the media spotlight for her drastic post-pregnancy weight loss three weeks after giving birth to her daughter via cesarean section.  Most sources are speculating that these rapid changes to her body are unrealistic, are the result of unhealthy behaviors and set an undeniably dangerous and negative standard for everyday, non-celebrity moms.  Even while suggesting the danger in this, magazines and news shows continue to flaunt photos of her in a bathing suit, promote her books and products, and proclaim her diet, exercise and weight loss to the world as though it is something to emulate.  Subsequently, the public is greeted with more mixed messages about health and weight loss that are confusing and difficult to sort through.

Our questions amidst this media frenzy differ from the slew of inquiries into how much weight was gained and lost or what Bethenny was eating or not eating.  We would rather ask why reporters and news media feel its appropriate to provide readers and viewers with the specific details of Bethenny’s weight loss regimen while simultaneously questioning its safety?  And why would someone who has publicly discussed a “former” unhealthy obsession with food, weight and exercise, support a publicity storm focused on weight just three weeks after the premature birth of her child? 

Its time to focus on reality instead of reality TV and on healthy moms and babies instead of weight loss.  Want some real-life tips for avoiding “the numbers game” of pregnancy and post pregnancy weight? Check out our newest guest blog from the authors of Does This Pregnancy Make Me Look Fat? The Essential Guide to Loving Your Body Before and After Baby.  Click here to read, “Adding Up, Weighing In, and Counting Down: Five Ways to Cope with the Numbers Game of Pregnancy,” by Claire Mysko and Magali Amadei

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