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Body Image in a Bathroom

It’s no surprise that we appreciate initiatives aimed at promoting positive body image.  We often post about documentaries or books that teach youth (and adults) about the importance of focusing on health over weight and shape.  We even sponsor an annual arts-based, positive body image campaign called Love Your Tree, that helps to teach students about the diversity of beauty.  But recently one of our staff members was traveling out-of-state and came across a powerful message of body acceptance in what is, quite possibly,  the least likely of places – an airport bathroom. 

In the everyday world, we are constantly inundated with idealized images of the female body that promote thinness – magazine covers, department store windows, internet ads, and TV commercials just to name a few of the sources.   How nice to stumble upon something when you least expect it, that makes you stop and remember that people naturally and beautifully come in all sizes and shapes.  

Photo courtesy of Hannah Huguenin, RD, taken at the entrance to the women’s bathroom in the Jacksonville airport

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