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Introducing CED’s Spring 2010 Blog Series…

The Center for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt is excited and proud to announce a new web resource for family-centered women and the health professionals who work with them.  Our Spring 2010 blog series began as an idea for a single blog addressing the  issue of post-pregnancy body image struggles, a topic that affects millions of women across the country and seems to grow more and more complex with our culture’s continued focus on weight and dieting.  However, as we began developing this resource for new and expecting moms, additional topics, questions and related issues kept sprouting.  As a result, we enthusiastically decided to address the intersection of body image, pregnancy, disordered eating and motherhood in a more comprehensive way, one that examines these issues across the broader timeline of motherhood from a holistic and health-focused perspective. 

What we ended up with is Nurture., a series of blogs that we hope will: 1) cultivate a conversation about the effects of negative body image and disordered eating on fertility, pregnancy and parenthood and 2) provide resources and information that will encourage women to resist negative cultural messages about food and weight, for themselves and for their families.  In reaching towards these goals, we will touch on a number of relevant, and sometimes sensitive topics including  infertility,  post-partum weight struggles and the mother-child feeding relationship.  We will draw from and reference a variety of sources – clinical research, popular media, current events, web resources, professional publications – to help women find peace with their pre and post-baby bodies so that they can nurture their families and, most importantly themselves.

Body image issues and disordered eating don’t just affect women and mothers – they affect the whole family system. Whether you are an expecting mom, a concerned husband or partner, a supportive Obstetrician, an individual struggling with an eating disorder, or a veteran mother of five – we hope you will join us over the next several months as we journey through the Nurture. blog series which launches next week, April 12th, 2010.  

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