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What’s All The Buzz About Eating Disorder Prevention? Rosalind Wiseman Speaks About Raising Confident & Competent Children

 In honor of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, The Center for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt has been hosting a variety of events to promote eating disorder awareness and to provide tools to work towards the prevention of eating disorders. To that end, best-selling author of “Queen Bees & Wannabes” Rosalind Wiseman, spoke on Sunday to an audience of one hundred teachers, parents, school counselors, and teens about the ways that we can each help to develop a culture of dignity within our families, schools and social groups, particularly in regards to body shape and size.

As Rosalind Wiseman mentioned in her presentation on Sunday, the overarching goal of her work is to promote dignity for all.  As it relates to body image, she offered some hard hitting advice to attendees by challenging the parents in the audience to look honestly at the way they see their own bodies. She asked the mothers in the audience, in particular, how their child would answer if asked about how their mom feels about her own body or how she responds to a compliment.  She explained that this will play a large part in how our children and students evaluate their own bodies and that parents that criticize their own bodies or judge people by their body shape/weight “lose credibility” when discussing these issues with their children.

Ms. Wiseman also explored why it is important to help your child develop social competencies and effective strategies for dealing with anger.  Watch the clip of her explanation here.

By helping the audience to connect with and acknowledge the reality of the youth experience, Ms. Wiseman also provided techniques to help children problem solve situations involving eating disorders and body image concerns in their own lives.  Her straightforward advice included some concrete tips for connecting with kids in ways that may help to prevent the disordered eating and how to respond in a supportive way to their body image concerns when expressed.

The Positive Parenting workshop was just one of three events sponsored by The Center for Eating Disorders and Sheppard Pratt in honor of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2010.  If you would like to be added to the mailing list to receive announcements about future events, please send an email request to

Blog contributions by Rachel Hendricks and Kate Clemmer

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