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Confidence is Making a Comeback



After weeks of countering negative messages about body size and weight in the news, we are relieved to get a breath of fresh air today from model, Lizzi Miller.  Miller, who was interviewed by Matt Lauer this morning on the Today show, was featured in a rather revealing photo in Glamour magazine’s September issue.  What was so special about this photo?  Miller’s body beautifully represents the average American woman’s body; her belly was not erased, her thighs were not shrunken and yet, her confidence could not be contained!

Miller’s photo immediately elicited a positive response from women across the country, celebrating the experience of seeing themselves and their own bodies reflected within the pages of a magazine – finally!  While Matt Lauer continually refers to her as a “plus-size” model during the interview, we know that, more accurately, Miller’s size represents the average size of American women today.  She may be plus-confidence and plus-beauty but she is technically not plus-size.  The editor of Glamour magazine speculated that the positive response to Miller’s photo will motivate the magazine to include more and more real bodies and that this could have a long-lasting, positive effect on women’s self-esteem.  We sure hope so!

Read the Today show article or  Newsweek’s blog  about Miller’s photo.  Then join in the discussion on our CED Facebook page, and let us know what you think!  Will Glamour and other magazines actually start featuring a diversity of real women’s bodies given the recent positive feedback they’ve received from the Lizzi Miller photo shoot?

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