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Appreciate Your Ankles

Unfortunately, men and women have long criticized their bodies, picking apart their “flaws” and wishing for various changes and enhancements. A negative body image, and a desire to conform to society’s set standard of “beauty” can often contribute to the development of an eating disorder. Stomach, arms, nose, backside – all have taken the brunt of our unappreciative relationships with our bodies, but there appears to be a new contender.


Ankles (yes, ankles!) have been called out by a recent Wall Street Journal article as the newest focus for body-conscious Americans trying to change the way they look. And, of course, Hollywood and the fitness industry are cashing in. Society’s recent disdain for large ankles, or “cankles” as they are referred to in the article because of an alleged merging of the calf and ankle, has even elicited a campaign from Gold’s Gym which denoted July as “Cankles Awareness Month”. Is this for real? Are people really treating body diversity and normal physical differences as though they are a disease that people need to be made aware of?

Why not spend less time thinking about the size and shape of your ankles and more time doing things that matter and that will make you feel good about yourself? Volunteer at a local animal shelter, go for a stroll on the beach or take your neighbor’s kids to the playground. Once you decide what YOU want to do to feel good, remember to appreciate and celebrate your beautiful, strong and supportive ankles for carrying you there.


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