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One Week, Two Important Events for Body Image

This week, October 13-17th, features two national campaigns aimed at helping women and girls across the country improve their body image.  October 15th, 2008, is the National Organization for Women’s (NOW) 11th annual Love Your Body Day.  NOW has created this day in an effort to empower women to reject the media’s harmful message that thin is ideal.  To find out more about Love Your Body Day, including what you can do to love your own body, go to

This year, NOW has also partnered with the Delta Delta Delta fraternity to promote Fat Talk Free Week which offers five days (October 13-17) of events celebrating women, their health, and their bodies.  This innovative campaign challenges women and girls of all ages to not “fat-talk” for one whole week and offers daily positive activities to help them achieve that goal.  To learn more or to view the campaign’s moving video about body image and the thin ideal in America, visit the website: .

Statistics show that more than 10 million women and girls suffer from eating disorders. This disturbing statistic stresses the importance of Love Your Body Day and Fat Talk Free Week.  The Center for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt celebrates the positive messages promoted through these campaigns and encourages all who can to participate. Be accepting and kind to your body, not only loving your body for one week, but everyday throughout the year.