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Are we thin yet?

Photo from The F-Word

 (Photo from The F-Word)

During the past year, there have been several deaths of models across the globe. The cause of their deaths: eating disorders. More recently, model Karlie Kloss has entered rehab for an eight-month recovery period from anorexia nervosa. In November 2006, Brazilian super model Ana Carolina Reston died after suffering complications associated with anorexia nervosa. Ana’s death prompted the Council of Fashion Designers of America to introduce health guidelines for models to achieve an objective measure of health, like a height-to-weight ratio, in February 2007.

Our Take: The American fashion industry needs to continue to acknowledge the dangers of extreme thinness in female fashion models and realize the negative impact on perceived body image for those who idolize these models. As Ana Carolina Reston’s story shows, eating disorders can kill, and while some models claim to be naturally skinny, their ultra-slender figures can come at a price. Different body types can look good in a variety of fashions. The human body is a beautiful thing, curves and all. With New York Fall Fashion Week happening this February 1-8, we watch to see if the fashion industry is in fact continuing to take a proactive stance on “model” behavior.

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